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Green projects for an emission-free future


We are developing projects for transportation and properties. SHG Supreme Hydrogen AB has since 2018 participated with its know-how in a multitude of development projects.

Hydrogen production in the Swedish archipelago

Supreme HydroGen is now running the Green Hydrogen production project in the Stockholm archipelago. We are building a production facility in close proximity to an existing wind turbine. Our customer Strömberg Energi is responsible for the production and about 200 kg of hydrogen per day will be produced when production is at its fullest capacity. The intended use is a hydrogen-powered vessel, the Beluga24 from Green City Ferries, which will be the first hydrogen-powered vessel in the Baltic Sea. Space for both passengers and bicycles is available on board.

The production facility is designed so that it’s relatively easy to expand the capacity when demand increases. In addition to Green City Ferries, other stakeholders have shown interest in the green hydrogen gas.

The production facility will be fully operational halfway through the year 2024. In the coming months, we will share more about progression of the project and of course publish some exciting pictures of what’s happening on site in the various phases of the project.


True sustainability

Our philosophy is to arrange local production of green hydrogen at the location where it is to be consumed. We are proud and happy that in this project we are achieving the sustainable goals we strive for. The project plan also includes a further development of the work where we want to make use of the excess heat and oxygen that emerges during production. Such improvements of the process are part of our contribution to a circular flow.

The production plant is one of the first projects of its kind and there is great interest in it. We have received many requests to visit the facility and we will have the opportunity to do so when it is operational later this year.

The image shows how the facility will look like and the placing of the main components in relation to each other. The production facility will be started with a production of approx. 50-60% of maximum capacity, which over time will increase.

Studies and reports

  • Green hydrogen production for wind farms
  • Hydrogen as power storage for renewable energy
  • Hydrogen as energy supply for archipelago commuter vessels
  • Calculation of potential reduction of carbon dioxide by transferring road cargo to hydrogen vessels
  • Concept description of hydrogen, ammonia and synthetic methanol fueled ships
  • Study of potential local off-grid power supply in rural areas
  • Electricity, oxygen and heat supply to fish farms and greenhouses

Present projects:

  • Green hydrogen production from wind and solar power
  • Study of power supply in a large building complex by solar panels, wind turbines and hydrogen storage
  • Participating in a project aiming to sustainable energy production in a rural village, where surplus wind energy is used to generate hydrogen for energy storage and for use for tractors, greenhouses and other activities including spare power supply
  • Hydrogen as fuel for Swedish passenger and cargo vessels, see news article here.
  • Data center and hospitals, uninterrupted power supply with hydrogen and batteries

SHG Supreme Hydrogen AB develops and applies solutions for sustainable energy supply.

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