Green projects for an emission-free future


We are developing projects for transportation and properties. SHG Supreme Hydrogen AB has since 2018 participated with its know-how in a multitude of development projects.

Studies and reports

  • Green hydrogen production for wind farms
  • Hydrogen as power storage for renewable energy
  • Hydrogen as energy supply for archipelago commuter vessels
  • Calculation of potential reduction of carbon dioxide by transferring road cargo to hydrogen vessels
  • Concept description of hydrogen, ammonia and synthetic methanol fueled ships
  • Study of potential local off-grid power supply in rural areas
  • Electricity, oxygen and heat supply to fish farms and greenhouses

Present projects:

  • Green hydrogen production from wind and solar power
  • Study of power supply in a large building complex by solar panels, wind turbines and hydrogen storage
  • Participating in a project aiming to sustainable energy production in a rural village, where surplus wind energy is used to generate hydrogen for energy storage and for use for tractors, greenhouses and other activities including spare power supply
  • Hydrogen as fuel for Swedish passenger and cargo vessels, see news article here.
  • Data center and hospitals, uninterrupted power supply with hydrogen and batteries

SHG Supreme Hydrogen AB develops and applies solutions for sustainable energy supply.

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