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Green hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol = Energy for the future


SHG Supreme Hydrogen AB, founded in 2018, is a knowledge and engineering company developing and applying circular, green, and emission-free energy solutions. Hydrogen is a clean and sustainable secondary energy source for the future of our planet. Hydrogen can be used for transport, real estate, power supply, grid balancing, modern agriculture, and industrial purposes.


Industrial scale hydrogen supply is today mainly based on natural gas or biomass. But, the technology behind hydrogen production from water is known since the 1830-ies. Our vision is that electrolysis of water will contribute to a totally emission-free mode of storing and using energy – a system where energy can be handled and distributed in the same way as we have done with fossil fuels.

SHG Supreme Hydrogen AB  is focused on development and implementation of systems for production, handling and usage of green hydrogen and other products generated by green power.

The Green Transformation


The transformation of our society towards green energy supply and reduced emissions of CO2 requires new and innovative solutions. Hydrogen, ammonia, synthetic methanol, and other e-fuels can be used in several applications, which all contribute to the achievement of the goals. SHG can produce examples, calculations and strategies for the transformation of companies and organizations into a world of sustainable production and green operations.


(Forecast from Hydrogen Europe)

2017 (357 TWh)

2030 (786 TWh)

2050 (3072 TWh)



Hydrogen is the lightest and most common element in the universe. Almost all hydrogen on earth is bound to oxygen in water and to carbon in organic molecules. In the atmosphere hydrogen is present as the gas H2, a diatomic molecule.

The properties of hydrogen gas make it insensitive for external influence and makes storage in pressurized outdoor tubes and tanks simple. Hydrogen can also be stored as a fluid and as hydrides in pressureless tanks.

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Processes in food industry & petrochemical industry

Energy source for all vehicles from forklifts to trains

Heating as blended with natural gas

Long term energy storage and power backup


The smallest molecule of all

Liquid at low temperatures, at high pressure

A gas at normal temperature and pressure

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SHG Supreme Hydrogen AB develops and applies solutions for sustainable energy supply.

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