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We want to stay in the forefront of the hydrogen revolution


Hydrogen is a key factor in the future energy transition. The main reason is that the only emission from green hydrogen is pure vapor. SHG Supreme Hydrogen AB is a knowledge and technology company, which develops new hydrogen-based solutions for sustainable energy supply.

One advantage with hydrogen is that energy can be generated and stored locally from green, renewable electricity. The raw material – common water – is available anywhere. Hydrogen can be stored and distributed in the same manner as fossil fuels. We don’t need new and complex infrastructure investments. SHG is utilizing hydrogen technology in a new context by developing innovative applications of existing equipment and well-established components.

We are proud members of below organization

Major services

  • Concept development of green hydrogen production
  • Preliminary studies and project plans for stakeholders and for independent energy supply for small communities and companies

  • New technical solutions for optimizing hydrogen usage

  • Development of hydrogen solutions for transportation

Major fields of operations:

  • On site applications for heating and energy supply of buildings, farms, auxiliary power supply and other energy related projects.
  • Mobile applications, mainly passenger vessels and work boats.

One of our major assets is our extensive international network, including technology suppliers, service providers, system consultants and financial actors.

Excellent Suppliers

The hydrogen community is still young, but full of bright ideas and enthusiasm. Every day we see headlines about new progress, new technology, new applications, and new investments in hydrogen projects.

As a modern hydrogen pioneer SHG Supreme Hydrogen AB has managed to tie good connections to several excellent suppliers. However, we operate independently, and we can select the best option for your project – taking into consideration technical and financial aspects, always with the benefit of the customer and our environment in our mind.




The stock market listed company Green Hydrogen Systems A/S supplies compact ‘plug-in-and-play’ electrolyzers. The applied technology is durable and offers good performance also under part load conditions. Green Hydrogen Systems offers a range between 1 and 8 kgs/h. Easy to scale up, modules in 20’ and 40’ containers. The new X-series (6 MW) will be available in 2024. One A90 unit (450 kW) will be delivered to our customer in Sweden in 2023.

– China


Aeolos Wind Turbine is of Danish origin, but the headquarters are now located in China, where all production takes place. The range consists of small and medium-sized horizontal and vertical axled wind turbines for many various purposes: Homes, small factories, villages, islands, large property owners etc.

Wind power is a key factor at production of green hydrogen. Thanks to our expertise in solar panels and thanks to the versatile range of Aeolos we can design well balanced energy systems including hydrogen storage. Store energy when electricity rates are low – produce energy when the demand and the prices are on peak!



El Grupo Calvera is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of transport equipment for transport and handling of gases on road. For us Calvera has developed a cassette for easy bunkering of vessels up to 40 meters. At Orkney Islands Calvera has supplied a logistic system for transport of hydrogen to five villages.



Enapter S.r.l. is a stock market listed company, which owns a leading position in development and manufacturing od small size AEM electrolyzers (Anion Exchange Membranes). The units of Enapter are suitable for many purposes, from summer cottages, farms, small workshops, family homes and industrial applications. The units can be combined to larger electrolyzers. In the future Enapter will launch a series of large capacity electrolyzers. A great advantage with the Enapter system is the smart PLC or smartphone-based control system.

Other partners: Kiwa, WSP, Weidmüller, Umoe Composites, Sollant Compressors, Worthington

We are looking for new suppliers and project partners


Patrik Malm

SHG Supreme Hydrogen AB develops and applies solutions for sustainable energy supply.

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