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Production of hydrogen in the archipelago


SHG Supreme HydroGen is now running a project in the northern part of the Stockholm archipelago, where we are building a production plant for green hydrogen. The plant is located next to an existing wind turbine unit, where our customer Strömberg Energi will produce around 200 kgs of green hydrogen per day when the plant is in full operation. The intended users of hydrogen are a fuel cell passenger vessel, Beluga 24, from Green City Ferries – the first hydrogen fueled ship in the Baltic Sea – and hydrogen filling stations for cars and trucks.   

The production plant is intended to be in full operation halfway through the year 2024. We will tell more about the progress of the project and of course share some unique photos from various stages of the venture.

True sustainability

Our philosophy – from water to water – includes local generation and local consumption of green hydrogen, which is the key factor in this project. The project plan also contains another step, to utilize the surplus of heat and oxygen to increase the efficiency rate of the process.


We have met an incredible interest towards this very fascinating project. We are looking forward to tell you more and to answer possible questions.

– Patrik Malm, CEO, SHG Supreme HydroGen

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