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SHG partner with GRZ technologies

By 9 November, 2023ENG, ENG

GRZ Technologies was founded in 2017 as a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. The company’s pioneering technology is the result of several decades of research and development in the field of hydrogen, dating back to the early 1990’. GRZ’s core competence is metal hydrides, which are used to manufacture different dense and safe hydrogen solutions, such as hydrogen storage systems, hydrogen-based power-to-power systems, and thermal hydrogen compressors. The latest development is our methanation solution UPSOM – which enables the conversion of raw biogas to nearly 100% synthetic methane, thus almost doubling the output of ordinary biogas.

Our team includes specialists from all relevant areas such as materials science, mechanical and thermal engineering, software design, and project management. We operate our own materials laboratory and are continuously advancing our technology. Thanks to new, innovative approaches, combined with many years of experience, we are setting new standards in the field of hydrogen technology.

Today we have delivered our hydrogen solution in 4 continents since 2018 – to many happy clients, and are rapidly delivering big hydrogen solution to help decarbonize the energy sector.